What do you call this startup role?

This morning I was reviewing the types of activities I’ve performed in the roles I’ve taken on during my career. I began to notice a pattern.

Situation: Somebody else has a business idea they want help with.

I come on board and:

  1. Identify what the most important things are to making money.
  2. Build a minimum viable product and run it by potential customers/users.
  3. Iterate to find an offer that people buy into.
  4. Develop and operate a fulfilment system or the product, often with many manual steps
  5. Scale marketing using direct marketing to grow number of customers.
  6. Automate fulfilment systems and make them scalable
  7. Put in place financial controls and reporting
  8. Recruit staff to assist growth
  9. Prepare and present training materials to them so they can run the business
  10. Work myself out of a job. A business is left behind.

What struck me was that I’ve done most of these activities in every role I’ve had yet never seen such a role advertised. Is there a name for this sort of role? Also, I’ve generally found such a role is not well rewarded. For example the people hired and trained in steps 8 and 9 are often better paid then me. What is the best way to structure remuneration?

Finally, as I really enjoy performing the above steps, what would be the most effective way to find other roles like this or continue a career around it?

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