Anyone for Pygg Cricket?

Pygg is the cool new way of paying for things on twitter. I thought what would be cool is to play Pygg Cricket to help it grow.

Pygg Cricket

Split into two equal teams eg 11 and 11. The goal of the game is to use Pygg and recruit new users. The game is played over a 5 day week.


A single (1 run) for receiving and accepting pygg funds

4 runs for sending and having accepted up to $5

6 runs for sending and having accepted over $5 (more then coffee!).

Take a wicket!

Take a wicket when you entice a new user to join pygg and load at least $20. Take 10 wickets and you opponent is out! (Their scoring stops). However even if you bowl out the other team early you need to score more runs during the week to win.



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