Rory is moving to Canberra

Looks like I’m moving to Canberra. From what I hear there isn’t much of a startup scene down there yet but plenty of entrepreneurs with ideas. There is also quite a .GOV 2.0 movement, which makes sense given the number of government agencies based there!

What I find interesting is that the Canberra scen isn’t cooking more given somewhere like Washington DC can rank in the top 25 startup cities in the world. See a list of DC startups here

Is Canberra ripe for disruption or are government roles too attractive for Canberreans?

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  1. Hi Rory,
    Stumbled on your post!
    The scene in Canberra is operating in a silo of stealth operations and ideas.
    We’ve kicked off an opencoffee to get people talking and start building a more prominent ecosystem.
    We’ve locked in a regular venue at ANU Commons Cafe, 5:30pm on Wednesday (Fortnightly). This is in the Student Accomodation 4 building (SA4). Its the big new shiny one on the corner of Marcus Clarke and Barry drive. The entrance to the cafe is on the opposite side of the building from Barry Drive. Next door to the Cooperative food shop. 

    you can follow me @asanka2020


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