Making Canberra an Innovation Hotspot

The last few weeks I’ve been taking a look and meeting with people associated with the Canberra innovation scene and have identified some areas I would like to be involved in:

  1. Create a space that brings together the regions most innovative people to work together in an open plan arrangement that facilitates learning and maximises the cross pollenizsation of ideas.
  2. Developing and running multiple programs, ideally within such a space, to develop new businesses, new products, new programs and new processes.
  3. Establishing and running various investment vehicles to support the growth of these, delivering returns for shareholders or public benefits for public service initiatives.
  4. Creating a local innovation ecosystem that produces innovative ideas and a “lean startup” culture of things done without waste.
  5. Facilitating the emergence of new innovation clusters in the ACT.
  6. Assisting in the development of policies that support the growth of Australian innovation eco-systems

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