Wellington startup initiatives

I’m recently back from Wellington. The startup community is buzzing there and there are possibly some lessons for the Canberra Startup community.

Firstly, some comparative data from startup genome, a global research database of startups. Wellington has 3 times the number of startups Canberra has!

Canberra has a population of 367,752. Startup Genome lists 9 startups (http://www.startupgenome.com/city/canberra-act-au). Thats one startup for every 40,861 head of population.

Wellington has a population of 393,400. Startup Genome lists 27 startups (http://www.startupgenome.com/city/wellington-wellington-nz). Thats 1 startup per 14570 head of population.

The is a lot of grassroots activity driving the scene however of interest on the strategy/policy side, is Grow Wellington.

Grow Wellington is a government backed venture: http://www.growwellington.co.nz/page/home.aspx

To help startups, Grow Wellington has played an important role in enabling the following initiatives:

  • Partnered with BizDojo to provide a co-working space for independent workers, creative freelancers and innovative small businesses. There is capacity for 50 people. (Average age is 39).
  • Has seeded a large scale investment for the screen and digital sector in partnership with industry. (Targeting USD $500 million fund)
  • Can be a first point of contact for businesses seeking investment, ideas and connections to other businesses.
  • Has supported Creative HQ, the regions incubator. Creative HQ has a strong focus on supporting digital sector and creative businesses. (This is being tweaked to become an accelerator model)
  • Supports Angel HQ – a community of Angel investors.
  • Helps to fund the Young Producers network in Wellington, dedicated to increasing the opportunities for emerging digital content producers in the region.

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