Nordstrom Innovation Lab

Can lean startup principles be applied within a large company?

Nordstrom has 52,000 employees and turnover of more then $8 billion. They’ve created Norstrom labs which is a startup within a large organisation.
The labs use design thinking, customer development, lean startup and agile processes to release concepts within one or two week time frames. The below video shows an example.

They expect most projects will fail but that the 20% that succeed will have a huge impact. The focus is on building experiments, not applications. They conclude each project with a retrospective to analyze what lessons can be learnt on how they do things.

For more info see:

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  1. Not without a bloody lot of resistance and years on end of passionate fight on your hands (speaking from experience).
    But hey, we achieved a boat load so it was worth it. Would I do again? Probably not… Easier to innovate outside of that kind of environment, then sell it back to them.


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